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New Concept — Two open-source ERP connected for better business and independent approach.

Latest Versions:

Odoobravo 23Q3— A complete set of thinking with web, mobile and business operation support systems.

Odoo 17.0— Web -  - Integrations

Flutter -  Mobile Services Development.

Openbravo 23.Q3— Business Operation Support Services Development  - Integrations

Etendo 23.Q2— Business Operation Support Services Development - Integrations

Single Place of Master Data and Transaction Management

Omnichannel Management (Mobile Apps - Android, iOS, Flutter, NodeJS, Web Apps)

Procurement - Multiple Currency and Vat and Exempts

Sales - Dealer and Distributions, Corporate Sales, POS, Kiosk, E-Commerce, Inter-Company, B2B and B2C

Vendor, Customer and Employee Portal - Dashboard, Analytics, Email Reporting System

Technology - Integration - GraphQL, JSON-Rest, XML

Major Modules of Odoobravo

It working for Odoo Version and Openbravo Version

SAP Business One for HANA Business Management Solution

A full range that gives you a clear view of your business. And being able to control every process that takes place can provide critical business information that can be accessed instantly and easily from any department across the company.

Openbravo to End Community Edition Open Source Projects in 2020

< 1 min read

Shortly after Openbravo officially launched its first product, Openbravo ERP, in 2006, the code was published in SourceForge.net and it swiftly became one of the most active and most followed open source projects of its kind.

In January 2010, we had reached an accumulated 1.5 million product downloads. Market recognition was also demonstrated by  various open source community awards,  such as the BOSSIE (several years in a row) and Red Herring (2007).

In October 2007, Openbravo acquired Librepos, formerly Tina POS, the leading open source POS solution, the seed of our modern mobile and cloud-based POS solution.

Moving forward from those early years to today, the company has successfully completed its transformation from being a horizontal ERP solution vendor for small to midsize companies into a leading cloud-based omnichannel platform vendor for midsize to large retail and restaurant chains. 

While our commitment to open source continues, since it lies at the heart of our technology, we are announcing today that the Openbravo Community Edition will be discontinued.

This means that Openbravo has ended development and maintenance of the Community Edition of all our products. Openbravo will no longer issue new bug fixes, security updates and patches for the Community Edition, and all projects (and the corresponding downloads) will be removed from SourceForge.net (ERP project and JavaPOS), as these projects are no longer supported.

We want to thank all of the developers, partners and users who have helped us to build and deliver a great Community Edition during these years. For those interested in using Openbravo, or users of Community Edition in production, we recommend visiting our website to learn how Openbravo can help retail and restaurant businesses today. 

Odoobravo Lab by MD Abul Khayer & Co. Started to maintain and provide the support and development and maintenance services for Openbravo Community.

Openbravo announces EOS and EOL for certain Core ERP modules for Non-Retail customers. Here’s Everything You Need to Know.

2 min read

In 2012, we launched the first version of our retail vertical solution, known today as Openbravo Commerce Cloud, which helps retail and restaurant chains accelerate their unified commerce strategies. Our product has continued to evolve in a way that has allowed us to become a reference player in the retail software space.

Ten years have now passed since we started on this new trajectory and it is time to take our retail strategy a step further. Since Openbravo today is fully focused on the retail and restaurant software vertical, we are announcing the End-of-Sale (EOS) and End-of-Life (EOL) of the following core ERP modules for non-retail customers:

The core ERP modules are declared End-of-Sale as of November 1, 2022 and will be End-of-Life as of January 31, 2024. Until the EOL date, Openbravo will continue providing security updates and fixes if applicable, but no new features and enhancements.

This decision will enable us to further strengthen our market position in the retail and restaurant space and to concentrate all our efforts in achieving our goal to provide the best unified commerce platform in the market.

Why we’re announcing EOS and EOL of these core ERP modules

Today, Openbravo Commerce Cloud targets medium and large-sized retail chains, in verticals such as fashion, DIY or quick service restaurants with online and physical sales and strong unified commerce needs.

This strategy, which started several years ago, has led us to progressively steer away from core ERP functionalities that were part of our former product, Openbravo ERP, such as finance, accounting, human resources, payroll, production and project management. Thus, as we’ve explained to the market, we no longer offer an ERP solution.

During the last years we have, nevertheless, continued to maintain and support existing customers using these core ERP modules. This was a necessary effort to meet our contractual obligations, yet it logically reduced our ability as a company to progress more rapidly in retail.

What’s next for existing Non-Retail Customers and Partners

First of all, if you’ve been an Openbravo customer using all or some of these core ERP modules or a Partner selling and implementing them, I want to thank you for having been on this journey with us.

Thus, for Openbravo to further focus on retail and to facilitate our customers’ operational continuity, Openbravo has reached an IP licensing agreement with Fut IT Services, which has been an Openbravo Official Partner for many years, to provide continued support and evolution of these core-ERP modules.

Fut IT Services will evolve, commercialize and maintain the new product under the Etendo, Odoobravo brand, which inherits all the core ERP functionalities of Openbravo ERP. It is important to note that Etendo and Openbravo are independent companies and products.

As part of this IP licensing agreement, a connector between Etendo and Openbravo is being developed and will be also available. This will help to support a broader variety of scenarios for existing and new customers, as well as provide mechanisms to simplify and facilitate the migration to Etendo.

While this has been a difficult decision to make, we’re excited to further sharpen our focus and fully commit to our retail and restaurant customers. We’re looking forward to continuing adding value to the Openbravo Commerce Cloud, and pursuing our goal to deliver the best cloud unified commerce platform in the market. Similarly, we are confident that Etendo will become a natural choice to replace Openbravo ERP for our Non-Retail Customers.