mBravo - Mobile Workforce for Openbravo and SAP 4 Hana

mBravo - Mobile Workforce

Deployment Timeline: 12 weeks Price starting from: 67,500 EUR

One Time License: 50 M EUR/ 250 license



Provides simplified HR process and powerful solution with technology and seamless integration.

Quick & Lean

Enables faster time to value with clearly defined scope of implementation, pre-configuration content but flexible enough to allows some personalized design.

Cost Effective

Deliver best business practice, preconfigured rapid deployment solution, localize compliance and regulatory reporting which could save up at least 40% time and effort reduction compared to similar scope of traditional project.


  1. Save labor hours and increase efficiency by allowing employees and supervisors to take care of many different human resources-related tasks.

  2. Avoided entry errors and other mistakes by allowing employees to enter their own information.

  3. Streamline and simplify the process with predefined mainstream workflow.

  4. Shorter time and worthy with furbished useful design.

  5. Seamless the self-service with existing core Openbravo HCM.


  1. Inessential processes and clumsy tasks consume allover resource and time.

  2. The complication of maintaining multiple systems.

  3. The difficulty of digital transformation to mobile platform within desired timeline and budget

Mobile Workforce - Scope

My Profile

  • View Information

  • Employee photo

  • Personal Data

  • Alternative Names

  • Addresses

  • Bank Details

  • Family Member

  • Education

  • Communication • Personal IDs • Maintain Information • Personal Data • Alternative Names • Addresses • Communication

Employee Lookup

  • Easy and quick way to contact with anyone via simple call or email • View Information • Employee name • Employee ID • Employee photo • Phone number • E-mail address • Company name • Organizational unit • Position name • Personnel area • Supervisor • Search • First name • Last name • Employee ID


  • Integrated calendar • Partial-day leave/attendance: able to select by half-day period or specific time • Consecutive of full-day and partial-day leave: able to request in single record • Automatic validating leave/attendance balance with remaining and pending request • Standard collision validation • Standard work schedule validation • Configurable available leave/attendance type on ESS • View leave balance with summary of available, used, planned, and entitlement leave • Withdraw completed leave request with approval


  • Integrated calendar • Compensation type • Paid or unpaid overtime break • Cost allocation by cost center • Standard collision validation • Standard work schedule validation

Team Calendar

  • View the upcoming events, trainings, leaves, overtime and work schedule of your colleagues or direct reports • Display timeline in week or hours • Display work schedule with substitution data (infotype 2003) • Leave including pending request • Attendance including pending request • Overtime including pending request


  • Check or download a digital version of all their payslip issued for each payroll period • Support both normal cycle and off cycle • PINCODE for payslip • Configurable how long periods of payroll that employee able to access their payslip • Searchable by payroll period, start date – end date, payroll type or payment date • Apply with existing payslip form on SAP HCM


  • Headcount • Turnover rate • Retention rate • Leave quota • Year of service • Age • Gender • Employee movement • Termination reason

My Request

  • Show all requests with real-time status

My Inbox

  • Process all your tasks in a single place • Support Delegation • Mass Approve/reject (required SAP S/4HANA)

Admin Monitoring

  • View requests details and status • Manage responsible employees by organization

Approval Workflow

  • Direct supervisor • HR administration • Attachments • Comment • Email notification


  • Employee role • Manager role • Admin role